In 2008 my life was in pretty bad shape... During that time I tried a lot of different ideas to try to make things feel better.

One thing I tried was writing positive messages on my undershirts.

I read a study where they wrote positive and negative words on jars of water and then froze them. The negative jars made ugly ice, and the positive jars created beautiful crystals.

I wanted to try it on myself, so I took a blue magic marker and wrote "it will be ok" on the chest area of some tee shirts. I wore them under my button up shirts for work.

the original "it will be ok" tshirt


It made me feel good to know that the message was with me all the time.

My life started getting better. Soon, I stopped drinking, sold all my things and moved to California.

Many years later I decided to print up a few "it will be ok" shirts for myself. I started wearing them around Los Angeles.

People stopped me on the street to ask me where I got the shirt. Some just said "thank you for that message" as I walked past them.

  • Girls stopped me to ask about it
  • Cashiers looked me in the eye and said "I really needed to see that right now"
  • Celebrities approached me to comment on them as well


One day I was on an elevator with Frank Ocean. He looked over and said "Wow, that is the coolest shirt I've ever seen, where did you get it?"

I laughed and told him I made it.

He said I should sell them. He thought I'd sell a million of them.

I told him someday I would.

So now I am.


You can now wear the exact same "it will be ok" shirt that I wear. As well as a few more designs and quotes that I've taken from my life.

Wanna experiment? Put on one of these shirts, walk around and watch what happens. It's pretty cool.



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